Monster Hunter: World – Event Quest Week 2

It’s Thursday – and you know what that means – TIME FOR A QUEST UPDATE! More event quests for you happy hunters in Monster Hunter: World! This week’s event quests are:

  • Wicked Wildspire Warfare
  • Triple Threat Throwdown
  • Kirin The Myth


Wicked Wildspire Warfare features a Diablos and two Barroth. All 3 monsters are low rank and since there are 3 in the quest, they all have drastically reduced HP counts. Hop in and hunt on – you’ll be drowning in armor spheres in no time!

Triple Threat Throwdown is an insanely easy quest with a massively easy return in mysterious and glowing feystones. The quest features a Great Jagras, Great Girros and Dodogama. There is a HR13 requirement to get into the quest since it’s a high rank quest, but most people have hit this mark by now. I managed to solo this quest in 5-7 minutes per clear with the hammer and it usually nets me 3-6 mysterious and glowing feystones per clear. So far I’ve managed to nab quite a few of the skills I’ve been looking for – so I wish you all good luck! My advice for this quest is going to the bottom and NOT MOUNTING THE GREAT JAGRAS. If you mount the Great Jagras, it’ll head towards the dragonator – which will alert the Dodogama hanging out in the outer ring. Your best bet is to avoid it til the Great Girros and Great Jagras are out of the picture or attempt to take it out first (which I don’t recommend – this got me spotted).

Kirin The Myth is the final new event quest for the week. It doesn’t net you anything special like armor spheres or extra feystones, but it may be the best place to farm your low rank Kirin mats. You won’t find yourself having to search for the monster, nor will you have to worry about any annoying Legiana ruining your fun. Do bring things such as thunder resistant armor and your handy thunder mantle – because you will be fighting not one, but TWO Kirin!

These quests will be up and available from 2/8 until midnight on 2/16. Be sure to tune in next week for another MH: World update on the next set of event quests and how you can go from being good to being great!


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